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Break the Chain. Take care of yourself,

Safety is our priority. We Care. We Serve.

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) Outbreak- Where we stand for You in crisis.

We are TOGETHER in this.

This is regarding COVID19 safety to our co-workers and users/ clients.


We have concluded that with immediate effect ​from 23rd March to 16th November 2021 operations throughout global will be limited.

I understand this action will effect progress and operations but we assure our clients and users globally that as promised your profit is still secure and growing with Samrat Investments.

Breaking the chain is only possibilities that we can fight COVID19. Our employee safety is prior in this crisis.

​From 8 % to 17 %. Funding to COVID19 Relief

With Samrat Investments Relief Fund & Samrat Investments Challenge2023, each fund donated in regard to COVID19- we are adding 17% of donation.
By 16th February we were adding 8% of donation but now it's increased by analyzing the current pandemic.

Funds donated are circulated in WHO, John Hopkins Medical Unversity COVID research, State government and to NGOs and food center among all our serving nations.

Safety Measures;

This is for the safety of our employee and global community who work tirelessly to impact and make a better life around.

Operations related to personal savings will be active online.


Operation which will be on hold;

  • Logistics and supply chain,

  • Freedom Venture supply and product delivery

  • On ground/ field staff and authority for personal savings and consulting both (With caution in particular areas work work be progressed),

  • Further operation for new findings,

  • Further operation for new hiring for ground staff and office as well,

  • Call support for limited actions and meetings which is more urgent,

  • Pending cases which violates the ethics, terms and business including clients, users and employee shall be stopped,

  • Loan facility in rural and urban community,

  • All the operation work which includes infield work, community interaction and group work physically,

Operation which will continue;

  • Disbursement of savings payment, fund withdrawal and personal savings business,

  • Employee working remotely for all profiles except ground and community work,

  • Global community volunteer working for COVID19 relief with complete precautions,

  • Online consulting, wealth management and financial planning services,

​COVID19 effect to employee;

  • No salary will be deducted to permanent employee during this period,

  • All the reimbursement to employee with accessibility to lodging, food and utility bill​s shall be issued earlier including 35% of next 2 months.

  • 25% special hike to employee with pay-scale below 360 000 INR/ 720 000 INR outside India till June 2020.

  • Executives and senior employee are asked to fund at least 35% of their 2 months payment,

​This all shall be applicable to permanent employee and ground staff irrespective of rank. ​

We ask our users/ clients to allow us support the most needy and COVID19 effected operations.

Meanwhile try using online resources like FAQs, website data, and online chat support here if possible to resolve your query prior to scheduling an appointment.

However online savings, fund withdrawal, online consulting, investment management procurement and major operation will continue.

We are encouraging remote working wherever possible.

Your patience, cooperation, understanding is what inspire us for further innovation and value we create.

*Period may be extended if required. 


​#BreakThe Chain #StayhomeStaysafe​

Ankit Kumar- CEO & Co- Founder

Affect on our business

Initiative by Samrat Investments

  • Reduce the ground staff and consultants. "Break the chain".

  • Providing aid like oxygen, sanitizer, masks, food with support of Samrat Investments Global Community to most affected COVID19 region.

  • Assisting with research and data to analyse with further COVID19 solutions and reduce impact.

  • Maintaining hygiene and precautions throughout our operations, logistics and supporting team for remote working wherever possible.

  • Funds to multiple government local & global agencies and research center to reduce the COVID19 outbreak including WHO.

  • Awareness in rural areas with accessibility of information and genuine precaution.

To You (our clients/ users)

  • Your profit is still secured, as promised. (Not affected by COVID19).

  • Operation and support are fully available. Encourage you to access online support.

  • Sharing valuable insights on social initiatives and making the difference the way we can.

To ensure you get the right information

✔ NO to rumors 🙊🙅‍♀️🙊

✔ Access authentic information ℹ

✔ Be smarter and safe with life 🧬

✔ Believe in science and experts.

World Health Organization


Contribute only if you can

Use code "COVID19" while you donate for the Corona-virus Outbreak Fund.


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