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User Information and brand

We hate pollution (i.e. digital pollution, moral pollution, human-made pollution etc.)

At the heart of our values lies awareness because it empowers us to build a better future: one that's sustainable, progressive, and filled with happiness for all.

Sustainability: We're committed to building a sustainable and eco-friendly future. This means integrating responsible practices throughout our global operations, from business decisions to community engagement. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come. 

Advertisement: Our investment in advertisement, paid endorsement or paid media is almost zero.
We focus on impactful collaborations, not traditional advertising. We believe in using our resources, expertise, technology, and diverse community to drive positive change. We're open to investing in R&D, social innovation, and human empowerment projects that align with our values.

Data Piracy: We understand the importance of your data.
That's why we leverage cutting-edge technology and uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure its security. We're committed to keeping your information safe while providing valuable experiences you can rely on.

Harassment: We respect your freedom of choice in all your interactions with us, from product selection to communication preferences. We will never spam you with unsolicited promotional messages.
We believe in keeping you informed with relevant business updates and initiatives that contribute to a more conscious future. In the 21st century, we believe information is power, sharing valuable information is our way of empowering you to make informed decisions.

For You: We hate to lose any of our clients, partners and co-workers. To keep you informed about our awareness initiatives, but we understand they may not be for everyone. If you'd prefer not to receive future messages, simply reply "No" to any of our communications, and we'll respect your decision.

Business: We prioritize user experience and environmental awareness alongside our business goals. Our goal is to create a sustainable and affordable business environment for you.
We understand that adopting new and potentially challenging products or services can be difficult, but it's an investment in a brighter future with happier moments. That's why we invest in educating our users, rather than relying on short-term advertising. After all, a positive experience throughout is what truly matters.

Learning: Based on our data, we share learning materials with every user. Sometimes, information (knowledge) can be irritating, but we need to accept it to evolve ourselves. Learning may be boring at times, until we understand its impact.
Our effort is to make information smarter and more interesting for you.

Users: Our initiatives are applicable to both employers and clients as well. By sharing meaningful information, we can create a worthwhile society and bring real innovation to the future. We want you to experience our authentic and great products and services. In our current age, we encounter tons of data online and offline every day.
Sometimes it's confusing to choose the right product or service for you, so only a quality education can help you get better options. We know you need great products and services, just as we believe they should be.

Startups: Every moment, we are funding great ideas and new businesses to create a better experience for you and ignite the purpose of human evolution.
In order to create a sustainable and effective chain.

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