From no money to financial inclusion for all

Started in 2015, with motive of profit and awareness in finance. Seeking for solutions of;

  1. Why can’t we have the profit on money we put in piggy bank?

  2. Why it’s tough to make people aware about basic finance and utility of money?

  3. Why don’t we share valuable experience to people irrespective of class?

  4. Is it compulsory for common people to be wise to get better profit of their hard earned money?

And SI was started with no money, when Ankit Kumar was graduating in college. Ankit’s relentless pursuit for uniting financial products and make accessible and affordable to everyone without any hassle.

As new financial organisation, we continuously served very few clients for few years without cutting the service experience.

While exploring India and exchanging culture and knowledge, Ankit Kumar discovered the potential and warmth himself. Asked himself why we don’t upgrade the resources of common people who are good at what they do.

This was the time, we started Freedom Venture. Connecting investors to local service providers in urge to create great products, boosting local businesses and making profit for moderate investors, who don’t have ideas to investor rather piling cash.

With time we upgraded the services, and come to be the most advanced and profitable firm for savings globally.

As beginning of 2018, we owned financial consultancy, wealth management and few core start-ups in multiple domain.

“Awareness, experience and innovation was always the heart of whatever I do, because life must be happier and worth living after all”