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60 Second Innovation

A new approach of personal savings with timeless, profitable and secured experience, includes infinite schemes for all your financial needs based on your choice and current finance.

Lets' explore the financial opportunity for you

Timeless experience

Hassle free service to make your 'Personal Savings' experience valuable, profitable and affordable for you in just 60 seconds.

Guarantee combined with expectations

Our assured return to 'Live value' let you achieve the financial goal at its superior stage. Making sure the 8%- 23%* assured return.

Simple & Secured

Not only assured profit but our transparent innovation offers, the secured mode of financial banking with new approach of savings, & complete paperless start.

Awareness- making transparent

As education makes life better so is awareness enhances the possibility of financial understanding and resourceful living. So that you have opportunity to utilize your resources in valuable way.

Power of freedom

Your every penny deserves maximum maturity to benefit you in initiating new opportunity, dawn of your dream and fight hard times.

Our unique personalized savings give you freedom to choose or create the right scheme for you.

0% loss & risk commitment

 Assured profit return with us sets you free of financial loss and shortage. By covering standard profits along with fulfilling the expectations.

Miracle of technological innovation

 Technology and human intelligence, purpose to make life simpler and superior. Our unique approach to saving will not only provide you better return but also the sustainable atmosphere to live in, using our rich startup initiative.

Before you open saving account


  • ​Saving starts with ₹ 100  

Explore infinite possibilities for your Personal Savings, because 'Piggy Valley' (plan) is fully customisable* (Includes installment, period, tenure*, amount). Flexible as of your choice.


Assured ​8​-​23​% return to maximum valuation  

​Maximum valuation ​refers to​ 'Live Value'​ which​ varies with​ the​ ​commerce​ of organisation​,​ which gives​ you​ opportunity to withdraw funds* with your choice to get maximum profit of your savings along with assured return.


Moneyback Guarantee

Once you start saving with us, doesn't mean you are forced to continue investing with us. We value your dedications. Within 30 days of business, you have options to ask for moneyback if you aren't satisfied without any hassle.


​ First time such 'Financial Innovation'

​Experience financial freedom​ module​ first time globally where you can not only customise you ​savings​ but get maximum maturity of your investment​ (as expectation with 'Live Value')​ along with Guaranteed return (8- 23%).
The best part is you are investing first time in zero % risk & loss funds.


​ Just 2 years saving

​Get higher benefits on mid-term saving within 2 year only​.​ ​Extra interest + bonus for more than 2 years investment plan is applied.


Benefits and strategy

60 second innovation made for you





2- 6* % extra







Open account

Now you can open account just in 60 seconds and get extra 2-6% on each savings.


Financial planning

Choose right schemes for you from diversified options designed by our financial experts.

We are always there for you and, you kno


For the incredible experience, valuable information from depth research  and to answer your queries. We are here 24x7.

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