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Think Campaign

Who think they can, really do

Think resembles the discovery of human pursuit. If you think of any quality service and innovation, explore what we do. It’s not just because we bet our self as the only best in the market, it’s because we fund and implement those who are motivated to serve you the best.

It may be you or someone else from earth. Earth is a big basket of resources and beauty which specialty and uniqueness is distributed among us. We find and train the quality and enthusiasm to a product. We all together can contribute something worth living and loving throughout life.

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SamratInvestments Challenge2023

Poverty is the worst form of violence

SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 Campaign aims to access & experience Financial Freedom (By sharing platform for savings or fortune growth), financial awareness (Availing resources for the basic understanding and financial education) and Literacy (Education to unprivileged globally) to everyone irrespective of class, race, and age or else- It cares human pursuit. To provide financial identity to 2.3 billion till 2023 by using their resources, & skill- with our innovation, human resources and technology.

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Earth Banking

Connecting peer- peer

 By using simplest technology and available resources, we will be providing you to access banking across globe. To share your happiness, transaction and saving securely throughout end-to-end chain. Which everyone would access and benefits to live freedom, for the pursuit of happiness and hassle free finance.

Product in alpha phase now. More details will be shared accordingly.

60 Second Innovation

Financial innovation at your tip

Letting you experience the financial innovation, financial inclusion, and financial awareness at same platform in 60 seconds. With paperless, effortless and genuine approach to saving benefits irrespective of class and community.

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Inspyr Fellowship

Think beyond, act ahead

Helping the ideas to reach potential market and benefit the consumers, by offering grant of 40 lacs to youth.

Offering resources, network and expertise to share grow flawlessly in market. Youth with ideas in almost every sector have accessibility to this opportunity.

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To the women

Offers periodically/ Decorate your finance

Thanks Mom, to your sacrifice as women. Its our initiative and effort to value what you deserve.

To put innovation in finance to make your life easy and secure economically to the highest possibility of growth. Few effort are worth which can't be paid but we are dedicated to accompany you by contributing as much we can. It's a start, we assure you to provide better options and opportunity in every coming days with savings and financial empowerment, Just need your side as always. It's not about the right of women, its a humanity which our organisation efforts to adopt.

To the women's sense of decision and awareness.

1. Sharing opportunity in organisation,

2. Adding up to 6% extraa profit, with overall profit. (To self independent, single parent mother and youth)

3. Empowering with skill and platform as rural and urban program

In The Name Of Father

| Starts 15th June/ Reduce Financial Stress

In the name of father and his dedication.

To reward them and effort to reduce their financial stress and financial hassle by providing better plans and personalized benefits.

Providing special effort to the father having multiple daughters by extra bonus periodically.

We are Change and Hope of every eyes who deserve it.

1. Up to 4.7% extraa on complete benefit (If you are saving for your father)

2. Up to rs. 17 200 yearly extraa on complete profit (If you have more than 3 girl child, on saving for the higher education)

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