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Core Values

We believe the purpose of core value is to nurture a dynamic working environment, better consumer experience and pursue humane within self. We are passionate about the values we live with at Samrat Investments every day. 
You: You are leaders, creators, change-makers, dreamers and believers. Together with Samrat Investments.

Core Values

Consciousness is at the heart of our business, service and work culture.

Whatever you design, build, create and consult is developed to empower people, which must be done with complete awareness. Technology and resources must be leveraged to bring happiness by acting consciously.
Acting consciously to give more to the universe and the next generation we owe most that we consume.
By giving more to mother earth and asking continuously the potential impact you could bring in billions of lives. By putting love, awareness and intelligence in process and product you create or design.

Human experience
You must offer and create a valuable experience end-to-end as moral responsibility at the workplace. In an age of automation and technological progress, humane experience is a must.

Customer eccentric
You must empower customers by solving problems and simplifying innovation. Customer value is at the heart of whatever you build and experiment. Customers are the source of development and existence.

Innovation and design
You are meant to continuously invest and accelerate sustainable innovation, by mesmerising with mind-blowing design. Design and innovation is meant to simplify the solutions and create a valuable experience.

Integrity and discipline
Value and consciousness is soul at the workplace. You must practice integrity for a good work balance and own sense of discipline with resources accountability to bring the right changes.

You must act as a leader to bring the right impact with your actions, with a genuine sense of ownership.  
You must be solution and outcome oriented to meet the vision we sustain. By continuously challenging, questioning and breaking the barrier of innovation you bring.

Empower talent and resources
You must bring right humans into the community and continuously strive to nurture exceptional talent. Ownership of resources to create honest structure, effortless mechanism and superlative products and services.
Nurturing a conscious space to reward and progress the change-maker and doers. Understanding the privilege of resources we have, in pursuit to create excellence out of it.

Pace and Quality
You must be efficient with innovation and experiment by making conscious decisions.
Making growth happen in the shortest timeline without compromising the quality and beauty of the product or process.
Focusing on accuracy to deliver 25x with desired expectations by relentlessly challenging and questioning yourself.

Working at Samrat Investments means:

  • Learning and growth opportunity,

  • Zero tolerance policy 

  • Speedy outcome with high quality innovation 

  • Creating cutting edge solutions and scaling it to universe

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