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You are about to start your journey of most profitable savings ever, with essence of human experience and innovation. 


प अब तक के सबसे लाभदायक व्यक्तिगत बचत की अपनी यात्रा शुरू करने वाले हैं।

Let us know for any support, and sit patiently. We will come up with a better solution for you as always. We are always there for you, & you know it.

Personal savings account opening form

For the international clients, who share boundaries from India and beyond.

​* Interest rate varies with period of investment. ​Example:​ ​F​or 2 years assured return is 8%, or 19% assured return for 13 years. (Live value & additional bonus for long-term is applied automatically)

**​ If you with to discontinue with our services, you can ask to close your account within 30 days. Your balance will be refunded.​

Live value: Real-time value of Samrat Investments' commerce. Can be updated any moment {Your profit return value is either assured  8- 23% or expected 'Live value' (Whichever is higher).}

  • The will be no extra charges for the financial planning or expert consulting during account opening.

  • Minimum saving period is 2 years for any schemes.

  • Saving amount can be customize in lump-sum or systematic planning based on your feasibility.

  • Extra .5- 2% bonus half-yearly is added apart from live value for the long-term savings.

  • Your profit return is compounded half- yearly with .5% starting with 6%.

  • There is NO hidden term & conditions or policy for the benefits if you are saving as of schemes or timely.

  • Make sure to pay saving amount on time or before next 3 days of saving date.

Rural Clients: If your Email ID is unavailable use ( Under rural development program and reaching 2.3 billion people to ensure better financial life. Mention your proper address so that we can send soft copy of documents. (Your digital copy will be backed up until) you share an alternate ID)

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