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Break the Chain. Take care of yourself,

Safety is our priority. We Care. We Serve. Our actions on COVID19

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) Outbreak- Where we stand for You in crisis.

We are TOGETHER in this.

As we are experiencing numerous queries for our consultants, ground team for the personal savings, consulting, campaigns and other services.

Since we started our financial innovation with diverse products- Profit for You, awareness and valuable experience is always been our core. We will continue to serve no matter what.

We have also increased the donation from 8% - 17% of each fund we received. Funding to COVID19 Relief.

We have reduced the count of team to "Break the chain". Online support will be continued here. I understand your concern one market volatility during the crisis, as our team is always ready for uncertain challenges. That's why we need to prepare because crisis don't knock the door before it appears. Prepare yourself too mentally and financially.

We encourage you to save online and find the information from website/ FAQs first and then use WhatsApp support for more efficiency and better communication so that we can assist the most needy feasibly. I genuinely am grateful to you on this.


As we all are taking all necessary precautions updated by WHO & Ministry of health. Protect yourself and your community by making distance.

Ankit Kumar- CEO & Co- Founder

Affect on our business

Initiative by Samrat Investments

  • Reduce the ground staff and consultants. "Break the chain".

  • Providing aid like oxygen, oxygen concentrator, sanitizer, masks, food, research support and financial aid with support of Samrat Investments Global Community to most affected COVID19 region.

  • Assisting with research and data to analyse with further COVID19 solutions and reduce impact.

  • Maintaining hygiene and precautions throughout our operations, logistics and supporting team for remote working wherever possible.

  • Funds to multiple government local & global agencies and research center to reduce the COVID19 outbreak including WHO.

  • Awareness in rural areas with accessibility of information and genuine precaution.

To You (our clients/ users)

  • Your profit is still secured, as promised. (Not affected by COVID19).

  • Operation and support are fully available. Encourage you to access online support.

  • Sharing valuable insights on social initiatives and making the difference the way we can.

​From 8 % to 17 %. Funding to COVID19 Relief.


With Samrat Investments Relief Fund & Samrat Investments Challenge2023, each fund donated in regard to COVID19- we are adding 17% of donation.
By 16th February we were adding 8% of donation but now it's increase by analyzing the current pandemic.

Funds donated are circulated in WHO, John Hopkins Medical Unversity COVID research, State government and to NGOs and food center among all our serving nations.

To ensure you get the right information

✔ NO to rumors 🙊🙅‍♀️🙊

✔ Access authentic information ℹ

✔ Be smarter and safe with life 🧬

✔ Believe in science and experts.

World Health Organization


Contribute if you can

Use code "COVID19" while you donate for the Corona-virus Outbreak Fund.


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