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Ankit Kumar

CEO & Co-founder

Ankit Kumar, is the Co- founder, CEO, Experience Designer, Product Architect and overseeing all the development in the field of economy, investment and our multiple projects.


Founded in 2015, Samrat Investments' purpose is to experience individual Financial Freedom, working on Financial Awareness and to get higher profit on Saving for everyone with great variety of our financial CHOICE  in the financial sector.

For the better experience of product and service in day to day life. our Investment service is developed, so that we could bring better experience by value investing which is worthy. It is developed to get higher profit for the investor keeping in mind of innovation and experience.

Freedom Venture, is developed to connect moderate investors and local/ global service provider together. In the purpose to bring service and product to be feasible, easily available and enhance the quality. For the direct and positive profit of related investor and service provider. It gives immense opportunity to small business man in developing his/her service and share it to mass.

Financial Consultancy, service started in 2018, developed to strengthen the finance of individual and business by sharing authentic advisory to have better wealth and life experience.

Ankit, is also the lead investor, co-founder, Chief-editor and media experience developer of LoveONN- a Digital Magazine; which offer authentic news, article on different subjects and interview of talented folks, someone who crossed few extra miles in his life with dedication and passing harsh conditions.

Ankit. also the founder and CEO of Mama Casa, which provides affordable design and architect. Mama Casaprovides local identity to migrants by providing home on rent, moral and physical security and connecting like minded people to migrants. It is designed to offer knowledge and education also.

Ankit, started an initiative #SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023, with a purpose to provide financial identity to about 2.5 billion people along with financial awareness and education. To reduce poverty and offer resource and skill to people to utilize their potential for self growth.

Ankit, innovative initiative to help start-ups and worthy ideas started Sam Inspyr Campaign, which funds and support to grow the ideas and bring in real life use.

Ankit, for education, ideas and cultural development, started INSPYRx, which organises events and meetups to share ideas, knowledge, invention and extraordinary effort and talents.

Ankit, made recent investment in Aantriksh (a space company) with motto to share space awareness and education, and exploration beyond.

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