You are

new ambassador of Innovation and Change


Samrat Investments Student ambassador program opens opportunity for you to strengthen leadership, passion to explore economy and contribute human innovation. As awareness is core of Samrat Investments’; we hope you also believe that lack of education and awareness is root to degradation of society and major developments. We are very confident that together we can impact the humanity and transform to superior society.

We know you are the champions of your campus, & it need smarter innovation; you can be the face of change.


{Personal finance awareness is crucial aspect of living in the modern world. Most of us put their whole life for the pursuit of happiness but can't experience the glimpse of it because of lack of awareness.

A bit of information and awareness can make great impact to humanity and our lifestyle.}

What do I learn?

Leadership, communication, event management, and multiple skill.


​Sharing financial awareness in campus and inspire peers for financial freedom and innovation.

Opportunity you acquire throughout program

Eligible for Inspyr fellowship ​​

Monthly perks and reimbursement
Real time financial advisory and wealth consulting

Chances to fund your ideas,
Practical experience of financial innovation, business management, and teamwork

Chances to join live event,

Opportunity to organise INSPYRx community event and talk global leaders

What to do in program

Promote Samrat Investments’ financial innovation on your campus for 18-20 hours each week, for 12- 15 weeks,

Showcase financial innovation, SI’ campaign on-campus events or by hosting activities which share a memorable experience
Create and publish creative Samrat Invest content on your personal, public social media handle
Interact with experts and attend sessions for personal development
Report on all strategy, approach and activity by submitting real time data

Global leading financial investment management company with most diverse financial inclusion.

We are here to help you!
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  • FUNDS: Savings are completely managed by Samrat Investments Fund independently.

  • SECURITY: Do NOT share OTP/ password related to your personal saving account to any person over phone, email or form.

  • JOB: Do NOT pay a penny for working/ applying with Samrat Investments to any consultancy, hiring agency or individual for full-time, part-time or internship.

  • PROFIT: Live Value (dual return mode) benefits is applicable on each savings scheme.