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What happens if I cancel my DigiLocker account?

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What happens if I cancel my DigiLocker account?

If you choose to cancel your DigiLocker account, the following things may happen:

1. Deactivation of Account: Your DigiLocker account will be deactivated, and you will no longer have access to the documents stored in it.

2. Document Removal: All the documents uploaded and stored in your DigiLocker account will be permanently deleted. Make sure to download and save any important documents before canceling your account.

3. Service Discontinuation: You will no longer be able to avail the services provided by DigiLocker, such as accessing governmentissued documents, sharing documents, and using the account for various applications.

It's important to consider the consequences before canceling your DigiLocker account. Ensure that you have alternative methods to access and manage your documents if needed.

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