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What are some high-income jobs that don't require a degree?

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What are some high-income jobs that don't require a degree?

There are several highincome jobs that don't require a college degree. Here are some examples:

Real estate broker or agent: A real estate agent or broker helps clients buy, sell or rent properties. They earn commissions on each transaction, which can be substantial.

Commercial pilot: A commercial pilot flies aircraft for airlines, charter companies, or corporations. They require specialized training and certification but don't necessarily need a degree.

Web developer: Web developers create and maintain websites. They typically learn their skills through selfstudy or boot camps, rather than through a formal degree program.

Electrician: Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems. They may work for construction companies, manufacturing firms, or as independent contractors.

Plumbing contractor: Plumbing contractors install and repair plumbing systems in homes and commercial buildings. They may work for a plumbing company or run their own business.

Sales representative: Sales representatives sell products and services to businesses and consumers. They often earn commissions on their sales, which can lead to high income.

Freelance writer: Freelance writers write content for websites, magazines, and other publications. They typically work on a project basis and can earn a high income if they are able to build a strong reputation and client base.

It's important to note that while these jobs don't necessarily require a college degree, they may require specialized training or certification, as well as a strong work ethic and dedication to the job.

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