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Can I use UPI on multiple mobile devices?

Curious about Unified Payments Interface

Can I use UPI on multiple mobile devices?

Yes, you can use UPI on multiple mobile devices. UPI is linked to your mobile number and bank account, not to a specific device. Here's what you need to do to use UPI on multiple devices:

1. Install UPI App: Install the UPIenabled mobile banking app or the UPI app provided by your bank on each mobile device you want to use.

2. Link Bank Account: Open the app on each device and follow the necessary steps to link your bank account(s) to the UPI app. This typically involves providing your mobile number, selecting your bank, and verifying your details.

3. Set UPI PIN: Once your bank account is linked, you will need to set up a UPI PIN on each device. This PIN is required for authorizing UPI transactions.

4. Access UPI Services: You can now access UPI services on each device independently. You can send and receive money, make payments, and perform other UPI transactions using the respective UPI app on each device.

It's important to note that each device will have its own separate UPI setup and transaction history. However, the underlying bank account(s) linked to your mobile number will remain the same across all devices.

Make sure to keep your UPI PIN and mobile devices secure to protect your UPI transactions and personal information.

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