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Can I use Buy Now Pay Later for purchases made in-store or online?

Curious about Buy Now Pay Later

Can I use Buy Now Pay Later for purchases made in-store or online?

Yes, you can use Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for purchases made both instore and online, depending on the specific BNPL service and its partnership with retailers or ecommerce platforms.

For instore purchases: Some BNPL providers offer a mobile app or a digital wallet that allows you to generate a unique barcode or QR code linked to your BNPL account. You can present this barcode or QR code at the cashier during checkout to initiate the BNPL payment process. The cashier will scan the code, and the payment will be processed according to the terms and conditions of the BNPL service.

For online purchases: Many ecommerce platforms and online retailers offer BNPL as a payment option at the checkout page. When making an online purchase, you can select the BNPL option and follow the prompts to complete the payment process. This usually involves linking your BNPL account, verifying your identity, and selecting the desired installment plan.

It's important to note that the availability of BNPL for instore and online purchases may vary depending on the specific BNPL provider and the retailers or platforms they have partnered with. It's recommended to check with the retailer or BNPL service to confirm whether BNPL is accepted for the desired purchase before proceeding with the transaction.

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