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Can I share my documents stored in DigiLocker with others?

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Can I share my documents stored in DigiLocker with others?

Yes, you can share the documents stored in your DigiLocker with others. DigiLocker provides a convenient and secure way to share your documents digitally. Here's how you can share your documents from DigiLocker:

1. Log in to your DigiLocker account using your registered mobile number and OTP (OneTime Password).

2. Select the document you want to share from your DigiLocker dashboard.

3. Look for the "Share" or "Send" option, usually represented by an icon or button.

4. Click on the "Share" option and enter the recipient's details, such as their mobile number or email address.

5. Choose the level of access you want to grant to the recipient. You can provide viewonly access or allow them to download and save the document.

6. Review the details and confirm the sharing request.

Once you have shared the document, the recipient will receive a notification or message containing the necessary information to access the document. They may need to log in to their own DigiLocker account or use a temporary access code to view or download the shared document.

It's important to note that you have control over the sharing permissions and can revoke access to the shared document at any time. This helps ensure the privacy and security of your documents while allowing you to conveniently share them with others when needed.

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