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Can I get a property tax exemption or reduction?

Curious about Property Taxes

Can I get a property tax exemption or reduction?

Yes, you may be eligible for a property tax exemption or reduction based on various factors. In India, exemptions or reductions in property taxes are primarily granted to certain categories of property owners, such as senior citizens, disabled persons, widows, or exservicemen. The specific eligibility criteria may vary from state to state, and you can check with your local property tax department or municipal corporation to know more.

Additionally, some states also offer tax incentives to encourage certain activities, such as rainwater harvesting or use of solar energy, which can reduce your property tax liability. You may also be eligible for a tax reduction if your property is used for a specific purpose, such as a religious or charitable institution.

It's important to note that exemptions or reductions are generally granted only for a specific period, and you may need to renew your application periodically to continue availing the benefit.

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