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Can I change my UPI ID once it is created?

Curious about Unified Payments Interface

Can I change my UPI ID once it is created?

In most cases, it is not possible to change your UPI ID once it is created. The UPI ID is linked to your bank account and serves as a unique identifier for receiving payments. It is designed to be a permanent and consistent identifier associated with your bank account.

However, some banks may provide an option to link multiple VPAs to a single bank account. In such cases, you can create additional UPI IDs (VPAs) and link them to your bank account. This allows you to receive payments using different VPAs while still maintaining the same bank account.

If you have a specific need to change your UPI ID, it is recommended to contact your bank or the UPI service provider to inquire about their policies and procedures. Keep in mind that any changes to your UPI ID may require updating your information with the relevant parties and contacts who have your previous UPI ID for transactions.

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